Historické akce

Boyne Valley Viking Experience

Following the example of the Old Norsemen, we also went beyond the borders of our domain and added over 3500 kilometers on the odometer. And last week, we returned from beautiful Ireland after a nearly 20-hour trip (of which almost five we spent on the ferry alone).The destination of our long journey was the Boyne Valley Viking Experience. We had no shortage of fighting, with clashes taking place on both Saturday and Sunday. And with great people who had no need to argue. We enjoyed the event immensely, despite the unfortunate injury which Rogan Břéňa inflicted on one of the combatants.Hereby we would like to apologize to Phily Spencer of the Dubh Linn Ostmen group for the nasty blow and at the same time thank him for taking it like a true warrior!And finally, we send greetings and thanks to our friends from Sons of Ivar for inviting us and organizing a great event. We look forward to meeting you again!