Ukraine Statement

We Goryničové share the opinion that politics does not belong in fencing. But war is just not politics. Due to our focus and the fact that the situation in Ukraine affects some of our members on a personal level, we cannot remain silent.

As a group that lives by reconstructing and promoting the life of the early history of Kievan Rus, we condemn both alternative interpretations of history and the unprovoked invasion of Ukraine by Putin’s Russia, which has used this misinterpretation for the redemption of the act.

Our thoughts and prayers are with our friends and relatives in Ukraine and the entire Ukrainian nation, as well as with our friends in Russia, who yearn for peace and wish that their will for peaceful coexistence will ultimately prevail over Kremlin’s ambitions.

We call on all like-minded people to help Ukraine to the best of their ability. There are many ways. Below we enclose links to some collections:

The official website of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine is here (it’s in Ukrainian, but the payment information is in English):https://bank.gov.ua/…/natsionalniy-bank-vidkriv…

People in Need –https://www.clovekvtisni.cz/darujte/jednorazove

Post Bellum –https://www.postbellum.cz/…/vyhlasujeme-sbirku-na…/

Come Back Alive (“Povernys zhyvym”) – gives thermal imaging cameras, mobile surveillance complexes, quadcopters, bulletproof vests, laptops and other equipment to the Ukrainian army. Payment information here:https://savelife.in.ua/en/donate/

Army SOS – hands over drones, radars and other localization equipment. Volunteers themselves are involved in the design and production of this equipment. Payment information here:https://armysos.com.ua/en/help-the-army

Wings of the Phoenix (Kryla Feniksa) – supplies non-lethal personal protective equipment, helmets, body armour, medications, radios, spotting scopes. Payment information here:http://wings-phoenix.org.ua/en/donate/

The People’s Project (Narodnyj project”) – this initiative helps with the purchase of drones, equipment for paratroopers and snipers, as well as medical equipment..More information here:https://www.peoplesproject.com/en/